Alpheus Hardy    Youth    Later Life   

Thornton Sherburne Hardy    Portrait

Joseph Hardy Neesima    Portrait

Ames and Beauregard Family Unidentified Photos    One    Two    Three   Four                                  

Caroline Ames    Probable Portrait

Laura Ames Hardy    Portrait 1    Portrait 2    Red Cross  Home  Youth 1     Youth 2    Children 1    Children 2

Lewis Alliger    Portrait

Patricia Hardy Durand    Hawaii c. 1917   Hilo Home   Wedding   Wedding Site (2001)  c. 1941     c. 1950    c. 1965

Rosamond Hardy Wolf   Hawaii

Cavan Hardy    c. 2004

James Lewis Wolf    With Sister    Marriage

Harry Whitney Durand    2007

Laura Durand Doolittle    c. 1958    China 2008


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