Dr. John Durand  Home

Harry Whitney Durand I: Likely Portrait: "Your Father" on Inscription   

Jessie Vinson Durand      With Children  Caroline McNabb, FPD, and HWD III    Later Years    Vine Street Home    With Brother

Harry Whitney Durand II  1920s   1274 Duane Rd.  Fishing  Three Generations  1950s  Lucy and Harry c. 1955             

Lucy Buster Durand   Age 18   Age 21   With Children Age 25    1930s  c. 1955

Harry Whitney Durand III     c. 1927    Right End   1326 Scenic Hwy   1950s  c. 1960  With Calder Willingham

Harry Whitney Durand IV      1943   With Sister    2007  James and Marguerite Durand    Chris Durand     Sarah Durand   Michael Durand

Sarah Chadwick Chrystal     2008

Laura Ames Durand    1945    1947    1953 1958      2008

Frank Parker Durand    With Child

Stephen Chrystal Durand

Michael Durand

Frank Parker Durand, Jr. and Amelia Dee Durand   

Joshua Buster

Milton P. Buster

John Parker Buster

Lucy Chrisman Buster    Younger    Sons-in-Law 1    Sons-in-Law 2 (HWD II 2d left)    Older


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