Dr. John (Jean) Durand    Biography I Biography II      

John Durand, Revolutionary War Sailor  Biography

John Jerome and Martha Durand    1880 Census

Harry Whitney Durand I    Biography  Will   Obituary  1880 Census  1890-1 Directory   City Directory

Jessie Vinson Durand    1880 Census   1900 Census   1910 Census  Postcard from Guadalahara

Harry Whitney Durand II   Obituary

Lucy Buster Durand    Lucy to Harry Durand 1940    Death Certificate    Obituary

Harry Whitney Durand III    More to Come

Patricia Hardy Durand    Birth Certificate  1920 Census    Passenger List    Wedding Invitation  Wedding Certificate

Harry Whitney Durand IV    Letter from Lewis Alliger

John Parker Buster    Wedding   Law Degree 1881  Oklahoma Law License 1895   Domestic Cat    Indian Politician    Monkey    A Penny a Line    Arkansas Lawyer    Five Civilized Tribes   Govt of Territories  Great Courts    Invocation  Letter April 1885    Letter July 1885  Letter March 1900  Letter July 1901   Death Resolution  Funeral   

Lucy Chrisman Buster    Obituary

James and Lucy Chrisman    1880 Census

C.W. and Elizabeth Y. Vinson  1860 Census    1880 Census    1900 Census    Article 1911   Article 1994 Part 1   Article 1994 Part 2   C.W. Vinson Obituary   Elizabeth Vinson Obituary   

Anderson A. Vinson    Ancestry    Letter  Sept 27, 1888    Letter March 1, 1886

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